• Showcase your efforts to manufacture in Canada, your sustainable business practices, how your give back and other unique aspects of your business
  • Drive your target market directly to your website improving sales and SEO
  • Help to build brand awareness for your business
  • Regular promotion of your products and business on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter)
  • Page available to promote your events/pop up shops/attendance at markets/offers/special promotions
  • Have your businesses featured in The Localite Lounge Blog and/or newsletter
  • Make connections with other like-minded Canadian businesses to find ways to collaborate and support each other
  • The Localite is dedicated to our member businesses; no advertising space will be posted on the website.

While we are gaining momentum, we would like to offer a free listing on The Localite for 6 months. No obligation to renew. Renewal $49/year $24/year CAD for first year.