Last fall, while visiting some local craft fairs, I realized what beautiful things are being created that I had no idea about. I dug a little deeper online and found many more small businesses selling beautiful things online all across Canada and I was just scratching the surface. The light bulb went on in my head to have a directory of all my favourite Canadian-made products in one easily searchable website for quick product research. A Canadian made product directory is not a new idea but I wanted to focus on Canadian made fashion, skin care, baby and home décor, and especially those companies that use sustainable business practices, ethically source materials and give back to their communities. At the same time, I wanted to match great aesthetic with fantastic functionality – The Localite was born!

The Localite is a passion project – we are passionate about supporting small business (we are one too!), the environment and keeping it Canadian.

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The Localite is not just a directory but contains information on each company, including what they are doing to make the planet a better place, lots of images and social media links. This will save an incredible amount of time to find that exact unique gift you were looking for and you can feel good about it too. We did your homework for you!